What will happen next?

After completing this form, your GP practice will refer you to Psychiatry UK using the details you fill out below alongside information from your medical record.

Do I still need to book an appointment?

You do not need to book an appointment with a GP as you will be directly referred to the ADHD assessment service after completing this form. You are welcome to arrange an appointment if you feel to need to speak to a GP for advice or to discuss any additional concerns.

How long are the waiting times?

We do not have access to waiting time data and please be aware that even the service provider may not be able to estimate the waiting time as this can vary depending on service conditions and the type of assessment that you require. Your waiting time may range from many months to multiple years depending on the conditions of the service.

Give us a comprehensive description of symptoms, background, impact on daily life and additional information

Please answer the questions below, stating which best describes how you have felt and conducted yourself over the past 6 months.

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